I began experimenting with fused glass in 1996 while living on the cable car line in San Francisco. Years later, in New York, while working as Assistant Curator, Arts of the Americas, at the Brooklyn Museum, I began making small-scale pieces, namely glass jewelry. As a doctoral student in Washington DC, I turned this creative escape into a small business, cutting, firing, and assembling glass bracelets and chokers in my tiny studio apartment in Dupont Circle.


For me, glass is a timeless medium and also a forgiving one.

My favorite pieces often stem from ‘mistakes.’

As I was finishing my second book, a project of some seven years, I longed for a creative outlet that would produce something tangible in a day, 

as opposed to many months.

A chance encounter with Jennifer Kline on the bluffs of Aptos in 2022 introduced me to basket weaving.